Lvl: 8 Testimonial

Working on this project during the pandemic didn’t really change my schedule(at least as far as the project was concerned) or work plan all that much. The deadlines were all the same beside cancelling one playtest so I still needed to get everything done within the original timeframe. I can easily imagine that anyone who’s project included hardware and probably anyone working in a group would have things impacted at least a bit, especially with the hardware if it required tools only available at the school, but as my project only needed my computer having everything move online and having to come home didn’t change my access to any tools. The only real change from coming home would have been meeting with my professor. It didn’t change at all how often we met for progress updates but did mean I had to do it through a zoom call rather than going to his office in person. That didn’t really affect what we talked about or anything but it’s the main change I can think of. I really feel for the people whose work did involve hardware.  I hope the school has some system in place to let them turn something in rather than having to add an extra semester on to redo the project because of something they can’t control.

There were a few things on my original work plan that I didn’t manage to get done, mainly just implementing the level trading, right now the game does keep track of your total levels gained but I wasn’t able to add anything you can trade for them in time, but I wouldn’t be quick to blame the virus for that. I can’t say for sure but I think that would have happened if we stayed at school regardless, I just budgeted for time wrong and things took longer than I planned. As a whole there wasn’t a huge change in my work output as a result of the pandemic. I managed to get the project done in light of the pandemic the same way I would have without it, by the nature of my project location wasn’t an important factor to getting things done.