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Welcome to Lvl: 9999, the Devblog for the game of the same name. The goal here is rather simple, just to document my progress over the course of the semester and hopefully beyond.

To start off our first post here let’s go over what exactly it is I think I’m doing here and how I want to get from point A to point Z. Lvl:9999 is to be a roguelike platformer where every single action the player takes can be leveled. Everything from attacking, blocking, jumping, crouching, to even dying will be an individual stat that can be raised to stupid levels. Grinding for these levels will be tied into the core gameplay loop, needing to reach certain points to access different points of the levels and allowing different methods of play.

My goals for the semester are to start by getting the bare skeleton of the concept set up, with a number of levelable skills, some enemies and traps to interact with/die to, and to then spend the majority of the semester learning and implementing procedural generation. I expect that to take the biggest chunk of time just as I’m starting from zero there.

By the end of the semester I hope to have the procedural generation working to a degree that it can at least create a series of randomized rooms and enemies with sections blocked off until certain skill levels are reached. That being said I would want the demo game at least to be beatable without an unreasonable amount of grinding given the presentation format, so much of the level will probably be structured to show off the leveling mechanics without needing to dedicate too much time for it. Ideally I’d like to have a boss at the end of the run but that will depend on how much else I can get done before that point.

Compared to the typical roguelike game I plan to add in the option to keep some amount of your progress from previous runs, to allow some amount of gradual process rather than just trial and error. This will be done through the aforementioned ‘dying’ stat; the more one dies the higher that level gets and its level determines how much of the previous run’s stats you bring over to the next run.

The other use for levels after a run is completed will be trading. Your leftover levels you don’t get to keep after a run will become your currency to prepare some things you can’t grind for for future runs. At present this is planned to be equipment, shortcuts to later floors, unique skills that aren’t tied to a stat, and maybe even new stats to level in the future.

I hope to keep working on this project even after the semester is over so there’s much more I’d like to do after reaching these goals. This would include, as mentioned above, adding bosses, a wider range of enemies and rooms, and further expanding the level trading system.

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