Lvl: 2&3

For personal reasons I wasn’t able to get the Lvl:2 log in on time and by the time I could work on it I had gotten enough done that I figured it I could just put the two logs together. Between the two weeks I finished the main skeleton of the game as far as I needed for testing the main mechanics and the later procedural generation. Building off what we had at the end of Lvl:1 the player can now attack and block, though unfortunately the free assets I found to be placeholders didn’t come with an animation for blocking, so I’ll need to add a different visual representation to make that clear until I can make my own assets. There is an attacking animation though so that’s something at least. I also added some basic UI elements, a health bar and a stamina bar, that will come into play with combat and other hazards. Naturally what good is attacking and blocking without something to block and stabberize? So the last main feature of Lvl:2 was adding in a basic enemy to play with/against. It doesn’t do anything fancy but it runs at you, damages you if it hits you, and can be killed through blunt force trauma. What else could you possibly need? With that I think we can move on to the progress of Lvl:3, where we go from the basic skeleton of a platformer and start moving into the actual game. The goal of both Lvl:3 and next week’s Lvl:4 is to begin to implement the leveling system, the core of what I’m actually trying to do with this game. In the future I’d like to add a large number of skills to play with, but at present all I have to report is creating a skill for each of the basic functions of the skeleton. The player can get better at attacking, which naturally increases the damage it does, blocking, which decreases the stamina cost of blocking and later down the line will increase the speed the player moves while blocking, health, which can only be raised by taking damage and will play a much more influential role once there are ways to heal implemented, jumping, which increases height, and move speed which increases, well, move speed. At present there is no upper cap which is how I would want things, so the main thing to play around with is how much things increase per level, and how much needs to be done to level up. In Lvl:4 I also plan to expand the UI elements to show when you gain exp in a skill and when a skill levels up. The biggest challenge of this report would actually be the UI elements as that is the piece of Unity I have the absolute least experience with and going from nothing to trying to make a health bar that actually looks good took a decent amount of fiddling.

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