Lvl: 5

Well its been quite a while since I’ve done one of these. Since the last time I’ve had to move out of my dorm and then ended up with two weeks off because of the plague happening right before spring break. I’ll admit I wasn’t exactly the most productive over this expanded break, mostly just fixing some minor bugs, like the player being able to push the enemies around if you had enough health to survive(which is a concept I may revisit on purpose later because it was kinda fun), and reading through some different methods of procedural generation. However when classes started back up and I needed to start waking up before noon again I got back to work, picking up the pieces of where I left off. After totally remembering on my own that the presentation was coming up, and being annoyed with myself that I didn’t have anything ready to show last time it came around, I spent most of this last week doing a collection of minor tweaks and additions that I had put off until later that I didn’t need on developer end but would make it better to play when shared around.

Much of this was adding ways to access information that I could see from the unity terminal or console but not the game itself. The simplest was just adding some numbers next to the health and stamina bar so you could, you know, see that your stats there were going up. A rather important one that was handled by the console for the longest time but a player just might maybe want to see was creating a notification that pops up when a stat levels up, letting you know your current level. Considering the entire theme of the game this seemed important information for the player to have. At the moment only the most recent level up is visible but later I plan to set it to show the last three or so updates if several stats level up at once.

After seeing how some things went with the last playtest and seeing other people’s games I realized I should probably add some screen to at least show the controls and that ended up spiraling into a pause menus showing your current level at each stat. It does also show the controls of course but later I plan to migrate that onto a start screen.

The final main thing I worked on this last week was actually setting up a level for this playtest. For the longest time I’ve worked in a small test space I made just containing the player, a few platforms, and one enemy since that was all I needed. However that wouldn’t really cut it to show off what I’ve been working on all this time so I spent a while making a larger level to play around in. In order to actually show the attacking and blocking stats I added more than one enemy and added some spawners to create more of them as needed. The rest of it was messing with platforms to create a decent sized space to run across. By the time of the next playtest I’m finally going to have the procedural generation working well enough that I don’t need to handcraft the testing area and everyone can see something a little different at least.

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